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Deborah Shedrick 's art exudes the aura of simplistic beauty. Having a passion for art since childhood and completing both a BS and MS in Psychology, she returned to her first love art as an adult. Focused and determined with the goal of becoming a successful professional artist, Shedrick honed her artistic skills and sensibilities through workshops and study with prominent instructors and accomplished artists.

Deborah’s work is vibrant, colorful and full of texture. Utilizing a palette knife, rollers and assorted objects, she shapes color and builds texture in rhythmic patterns and brilliant eruptions. Stylistically she combines realism and abstraction as she forges a unique and distinctive expression that has found tremendous resonance with her audience. She lets the vivid tints take over, leaving her figures elongated and suggested, in her vertical canvases with some collaged materials.

She defines her paintings as free-style, uniquely her own. She captures the nuance of a moment, with the celebration of color and energy. Her artwork strikes a harmonious cord from a universal perspective and she is part of collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Shedrick states, "As I create, I reflect on the Master, the Author of Creativity, God. I share with you the spirituality of which my art is born. Hear the art speak to you of love, inner peace, strength and joy."