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“I have always been intrigued by color and texture.
Used simultaneously the rough feel and the soft but vibrant
hues set a mood for my paintings. Contrast of heavy texture
strike a balance between the familiar and the abstract.
Most figures are void of the eye and the nose feature thus
challenging the perceptive viewer to determine the subjects
personality by their posture position, tilt of the head,
joyfulmovement or expressive mouths”.




Diana Shannon-Young has built a reputation as an esteemed artist from Riverside, California. Although having studied art academically and with various other notable artists she is primarily self taught. Her work has garnered her much recognition and accolades. Diana prefers to explore the mixture of texture and color using acrylics, pastels and oils, and has developed her own unique style. “I create my original paintings with lot’s of time and love and aspire to touch the souls of many through spiritual enlightenment and a reminder of one big humanity. I hope to inspire the viewer to enjoy life’s abundant blessings”.

Diana sold her first painting over twenty-four years ago. Diana’s works have been commissioned by national organizations such as the Congressional Black Caucus Foudation  2004 official poster,  “Every Vote Counts”, as a commemorative poster for its’ 34th annual conference in Washington, D.C. She has twice graced the cover of The Journal Of The National Medical Association and her works have been published in Ebony Magazine.

In 2006 Shannon Young proudly participated in a group exhibitionin along with other notable artists such as Jacob Lawrence, Elizabeth Catlett, and Romare Bearden, Charles Bibbs and  Paul Goodnight at The Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Riverside, California through March 2007. In addition her current works  a re showcased in a solo exhibition at The Museum Of  African-American Art, Los Angeles, California, through February 2007.

Select Exhibitions (Partial Listing)
Museum of African-American Art, L A, CA. Solo Exhibition 2006-2007
Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Riverside, CA. Group Exhibition 2007
National Black Fine Art Show New York, NY. (ArtJaz Gallery) 2006-2007
Lyceum Theater Museum Gallery, San Diego, CA. 2006
ArtJaz Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, 2006-2007
Art Expo NYC. Javits Convention Center,  1997-2003
AKA Sorority Nationa & Annual Convention 1988-2006
Delta Sigma Theta National & Annual Convention  1986-2006
Legacy Fine Art Show, Upper Marlboro, Md. 2006
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Wash, DC. 1986 -2005
National Medical Association Annual Convention  1984-2006
Pan African Film & Art Festival. Los Angeles, CA 1990-2007

Select Corporate Collections: (Partial Listing)   
National Bar Association
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Miami, FL
Yes You Can Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
Jamaican Embassy, Seattle, Washington
Single Parent Scholarship Fund, Little Rock, AR
City of Forth Worth, TX
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Washington, DC
Anthony J. Nichols Jr. Foundation, Torrance, CA