Paul S. Benjamin
Paul S. Benjamin
Paul S. Benjamin
Paul S. Benjamin
Paul S. Benjamin
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PB_3. Train
PB_5. Nude Study Rashida
PB_6. Jazz In The Park
PB_7. Abstract Road
PB_8. Nude Study Tia

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“Art is an important expression of life that documents the thoughts and experiences of an individual. The artist invites people to agree or disagree with their perspective. However one views the art, their outlook on life will determine the meaning and significance as it relates to their personal experiences an ideologies.”



Paul S. Benjamin was born in 1966 in Chicago, Illinois, and attended the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, where he earned a BA degree. He has lived in Atlanta, Georgia since 2005. The subject matter of his collages, mixed media, and found object assemblages is primarily from African-American culture and is rooted in memories and concepts from his childhood, appreciation of music, and unique life experiences. With these experiences he expresses his view of the human condition. The greatest sense of Benjamin’s strong story telling capabilities are shown with his mixed media collages. Paul is a story teller and documentarian whose narratives unfold as he creates series of works employing collage, utilizing painted and found papers. His approach to creating collage is a kin to painting with paper. The results produce very detailed, layered work with Cubist over tones in both color and black and white. He also brings his collage concepts to life through sculpture by incorporating rusted metals and other found materials. Benjamin’s artwork primarily consists of collage and acrylic paintings which he develops in individual series. Working in series, Paul produces multiple frames that work together to reveal compelling images of the past and present. In the series, "Defining the Lines of Color: A Patriotic View of America", Paul presents provocative glimpses of American nationalism that raise questions about the definition and price of patriotism. Paul uses his voice on canvas to encourage dialogue and foster better understanding.

Recently, Paul completed a commissioned work for the City of Chicago's Public Arts Program. The commission consists of two series of works "Chicago: Migration of Hope and Promise" and "North by South, East by West".

Paul continues to make his mark in the art world and was recently published in Daniel Texidor Parker's book "African Art: The Diaspora and Beyond" and published again in 2006 in “Unveiled, Photography by Will Downing and Fine Art By New and Emerging Artists”, published by ArtJaz Gallery.